How Can A Skinny Guy Get Big?

Are you sick of being a skinny guy and failing at adding size? Want to get big?

Then you’ll be glad to hear you’re in the right place! But what is the biggest reason guys struggle to gain weight? Well, you may not like the answer, but it simply comes down to not eating enough.

Your calories are the key.

Everyone has their maintenance weight. This is the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight. To lose weight, you need to be eating below this number (known as a caloric deficit). But in order to gain weight, you need to be in a daily caloric surplus where you’re consuming more calories than you need to maintain.

You’re Not Eating As Much As You Think

Skinny guys who are struggling to get big often claim that they’re eating a lot. But if that were the case, they wouldn’t be skinny…

If you think you’re eating enough, but still not getting bigger, you need to eat more.

Instead of trying to guess that you’re eating enough everyday, start tracking your calories.

Use an app, like MyFitnessPal, and log in all the food you eat. Do this for a week and you’ll get a better understanding of where your calories are. And you’ll also see that you haven’t been eating as much as you thought.

Just telling a skinny guy to eat more is probably the last thing they want to hear. So here are some other useful tips that will help you gain size in no time.

Tips For Skinny Guys To Get Bigger

Firstly, find foods that are high in calories per serving. This includes things like pasta and peanut butter – they are filled with carbs and fat, which is exactly what you need. However, make sure to eat foods that you enjoy.

Nothing’s worse than trying to shovel down a giant plate of rice and chicken if you don’t like it. There’s no need to do that as it will just make things harder than they have to be. Find high calorie foods that you love to eat and stick to them. If you have fast metabolism read this guide here.

Want To Get Big? Don’t Neglect Protein

If you’re lifting weights in the gym, your body needs enough protein to repair the muscle, and help it grow stronger and bigger. Make sure to get around one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day.

Use A Blender!

If you’re a skinny guy and seriously struggling to consume enough calories everyday, a blender can be your best friend. You can down at least 500 calories within a minute or two! All you have to do is add whey protein, peanut butter, milk, oats, and fruit to a blender.

You can start and end your day with one of these smoothies and put yourself up an easy 1000+ calories!

Train Hard

Being in a caloric surplus is one of the biggest factors in getting bigger. However, if you want to get big by adding muscle, and not just fat, you need to be training hard.

Focus the beginning of each workout on the compound lifts (bench press, squats, deadlifts) as those are what build the densest muscle. The more isolated movements are great too, just make sure to put your calories to use for those bigger lifts!

Using the tips mentioned here will help you get bigger in no time. However, above all, remain consistent! The consistency of everything you’ve just read is where the results truly lie.

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