What Can I Eat To Gain Weight In One Week?

In order to gain weight in one week, you’re going to need to meet specific caloric goals. Generally, you’ll want to hit around 3,000 calories per day, though depending on your situation, you might want even more. Personally, I intake between 3,500-4,000 calories daily just to gain a slight amount of muscle mass. Your mileage may vary of course! You should eat a lot if you want to gain weight in one week.

Naturally, there’s a high chance you’re an ectomorph. An ectomorph is someone who is naturally lean, thin and has a quick metabolic rate. You consume calories quicker than others and have troubles keeping weight on after gaining it. An ectomorph benefits from a carbohydrate heavy diet.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid proteins or fats at all. In fact, consuming more of both will benefit you more! Carbohydrates are pretty dense in calories, with just 1 gram equaling 4 calories. There are some key foods you should focus on eating which will help you gain weight quickly. Read this article about best weight gain foods too!

The Best Foods You Should Eat To Gain Weight In A Week

Healthy Carbohydrates

The word ‘carb’ has gotten a bad rap recently. This is due to the fad of avoiding all carbohydrates like they’re the plague. While it’s true to an extent – avoiding white breads, French fries and chips is sound advice. It’s often forgotten that plenty of healthy carbohydrates sets the foundation for a healthy diet.

Swap out your refined foods for a more wholesome alternative. I’m talking about whole-wheat pasta instead of white noodles, rye bread instead of sugary white bread, mangoes instead of Doritos. The difference between a bowl of brown and white rice is huge! One fills your body with healthy nutrition – one just fills you. Here’s an easy list of healthy carbohydrates to add to your diet.

  • Whole grain/whole wheat pasta (spaghetti, fusilli, penne, etc)
  • Brown rice
  • Various fruits (bananas, mangos, avocados, apples, coconut, etc)
  • Whole wheat/whole grain breads. Rye is particularly dense and great for gaining mass!
  • Oats & grains (barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, bran, etc)


The number 1 most underrated food, nuts are a huge source of healthy calories, proteins and fats. Each 100 gram serving easily bringing in over 500 calories, they make gaining weight become not such a difficult task!

They’re ideal for a midday snack or an addition to an otherwise bland meal. You can eat them anytime. Add some nuts to your breakfast cereals, experiment with dinners, and nut butters are a solid addition to any bread! Practically every nut on the market is healthy and has benefits which apply to your situation. Can’t go wrong there!


It should be no surprise that mass gainers do exactly what they say they are. If you’re not one for heavy mass gainers, consider other muscle building supplements. So keep them in mind if you want to gain weight in one week. Creatine is one of the most popular and effective supplements that can be found on the market. Really cheap too! BCAAs, Glutamine and protein powders are also good things to add to your stack.


What’s the point of gaining weight if it’s just fats? I’m sure you’d rather build muscle instead of just additional mass. If you’re really looking to add on mass quickly, a carbohydrate dense diet full of healthy proteins and fats may be the solution you’re looking for. Workout supplements can help you gain a strong amount of mass, especially combined with a good diet, and you can certainly add 2 lbs. in one week of lean mass. Don’t forget to keep well hydrated of course!

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