Which Fruits Are Good To Gain Weight?

If you like eating healthy and don’t want to stick to eating bland foods, adding fruits to your diet is a surefire way to add some character to your meals. While most people think of fruits like apples and oranges to be great for those wanting to lose weight, there are a few fruits which are great at helping you accomplish the complete opposite – gain weight!

To start it off, we’ll kick it off with one of the best picks out there: the avocado!

Fruits To Gain Weight

  • Avocadoes are rising rapidly in popularity amongst health-nuts, and for good reason. These great things have around 300+ calories per whole avocado, which is pretty significant in the fruit world. One of the best foods to gain weight. To add to that, avocadoes are wealthy in healthy fats, vitamins, potassium and flavor! They’re great to add to many meals – sandwiches, hamburgers, smoothies, etc.
  • Coconuts shouldn’t be forgotten either! In just 100 grams of coconut you get a significant 350+ calories. Not to mention a small amount of protein, a bunch of healthy fats and a third of your daily fiber needs. Do watch out though, since coconuts are so fat and fiber heavy, that overconsumption can lead to some short term health effects. Take it from me – way too much fiber in one day is not a fun time!
  • Dates. These fantastic little fruits are so overlooked it shocks me! In just 100 grams of dried dates, you can get an easy 275+ calories, mostly in the form of carbohydrates. Dates have trace amounts of various vitamins and minerals as well, not to mention high amounts of fiber. Just watch out for the pit when you’re eating them!
  • Mangoes. Aside from tasting amazing, mangoes are a strong source of healthy carbohydrates, tons of vitamins, potassium, and more! Each pitted mango has around 200 calories – which though isn’t a particularly high number, its substantial enough. Dried mangos are a popular option for a quick, tasty, portable snack. Watch out for the sugar contents in a lot of dried mangoes though, since there’s often a bunch of refined sugars added.
  • Various other dried fruits! Things like dried apricots, cranberries, raisins, can all be lumped into here. On average, dried fruits are around 300-350 calories per 100 grams. Tasting great, these caloric dense little foods are great for snacking on in the afternoon or even adding to your morning breakfast. Watch out for added sugars though in lots of products.
  • Nuts. Technically speaking, nuts that we eat are really considered to fruit of a lot of plants. Chestnuts, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and so forth are the fruits of their tree, and thus deserve an honorable mention. In 100 grams of nuts you can expect around 500-600 calories, which is huge! A high source of proteins and healthy fats, nuts are a great addition to any diet. Perfect food if you want to gain weight.

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You might’ve noticed a trend with all of these – most of them are pretty exotic! Next time you’re blending up a protein shake, maybe consider adding some tropical tones, cramming mango, coconut and avocado into it! You’ll add a bunch of nutrition, vitamins, healthy calories and delicious flavor if you end up doing so.

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  1. Alex builder

    My smoothie is banana and strawberry shake with walnuts,almonds and peanuts.
    It helps with all the carbs,proteins and oils necessary for muscles.

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