Modern Man Real Muscle Review

Training in the gym and eating copious quantities of food everyday can become tedious. Especially if the results are slow, or non-existent.

Many people hit the weights, and eat tons of food, but still don’t gain weight. It can be extremely frustrating and has caused many to simply give up trying to increase their lean muscle mass.

Maybe you’ve turned to conventional weight gainer supplements before and are looking for something new. Regardless, these laxogenin supplements for gaining weight by Real Muscle contain some very interesting ingredients and benefits.

You may want to take a closer look to see what it has to offer.

What’s the price?

We’ve done our research and compiled a review of the Modern Man Real Muscle weight gainer. After a quick read, you will have gained some valuable information as to whether it’s the right supplement for you or not.

What Real Muscle Builder Mass Contains

This supplement by Real Muscle contains incredibly strong ecdysterones which boosts your protein synthesis. This is the process during recovery between workouts where your body is able to utilise the nutrients you’re giving it through your nutrition.

The ecdysterones basically work to enhance this process and help you gain more muscle mass, which translates into more weight over time.

It also contains acid sodium and R-lipoic which ensure the real food you consume from your diet is being used by the body as fuel.

We found Modern Man Real Muscle contains some great benefits when it comes to your workouts too.

There’s high-quality nitric oxide which is a fantastic ingredient for increasing your pumps in the gym. It boosts blood flow to the muscles, meaning more nutrients can reach it and help you develop your muscles.

Since this supplement can enhance your workouts, it means you can get more out of each one. Therefore, you end up with better results.


  • Contains nitric oxide for incredible pumps in the gym
  • The ecdysterones work to enhance your protein synthesis for more muscle growth
  • Ensures nutrients from your food is being used as fuel by the body


  • Takes a while to start showing results
  • Some users experience heartburn as a mild side effect

How To Use Modern Man Real Muscle To Gain Weight

It’s still imperative to stick to a proper diet and use this product as a supplement to it. With that in mind, you’ll also want to know how to best use the Modern Man Real Muscle building supplement to see the best results.

These supplements come in the form of capsules. To experience the best muscle-building benefits, many users like to take four capsules that are split up into two capsules twice a day.

It’s best to take it with a meal as it ensures everything you’ve eaten along with it can be used effectively by your body as fuel.

Since people notice it gives them a good pump, they also like to make sure they take it pre-workout.


So, these capsules by Real Muscle take a different approach to helping you gain lean muscle weight. The ingredients contained work to make your workouts better. The better your workouts are, the more you can stimulate your muscles for growth.

We’ve given you some insights into this supplement, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s the right one for your needs.

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