Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Review

Are you struggling to pack on weight and muscle?

Regardless of how hard you train and how much you eat, your body still isn’t responding with growth…

If this sounds familiar, a good weight gainer could be exactly what you need to give you that extra edge to start gaining weight.

What’s the price?

However, it can be tricky trying to find one that will work. There are so many available that it can become pretty overwhelming. Well, we’ve researched Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer as it’s a very popular supplement. One of the best weight gainer in the market.

To learn everything you need to know about, it, take a look below.

What Serious Mass Gainer Contains

Right off the bat, Serious Mass is packed with a lot of nutrients. A single serving of this weight gainer contains an incredible 1250 calories, and that’s just when it’s mixed with water!

If you were to mix it with milk, you could be consuming over 1600 calories per serving.

You receive an astonishing 250g of carbohydrates within this serving size. Carbs are fantastic for helping you to gain weight. They provide your body with tons of energy to crush your workouts and stimulate more muscle growth.

But the only way muscles can grow is with protein, and there’s 50g per serving here. This combination of high carbs and protein is the perfect solution to gaining muscle weight.

Furthermore, there are a total of 25 other minerals and vitamins that support healthy weight gain. Not to mention the glutamine and creatine contained too.

The protein is made up of calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, sweet dairy whey, and egg albumen. This provides you with a wide range of protein to enhance your muscle growth abilities.

How To Use ON Serious Mass To Gain Weight?

To see the best weight gain results, there’s a specific way to use this supplement for the maximum results.

It’s recommended to add two heaped scoops of this powder to 710ml of water. Ideally, you’d want to do this in a blender to make it smoother, but mixing it in a shaker is still effective too.

If you want to consume more calories from a single serving, you can simply switch the water for milk. When you add this weight gainer to milk, it becomes creamer and considerably higher in calories.

When mixing the supplement, with either water or milk, be sure to do it for around 30-60 seconds. This will ensure all the powder has been absorbed properly into the liquid.

When Should You Take It?

It can be used throughout your day to provide your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow and help you gain weight. There are a variety of times you could choose to take it.

The most popular time being in between meals. Often times, you may start to feel peckish in between meals. This is a fantastic time to consume a serving of SM. It boosts your calories by well over a thousand to help you easily maintain a high calorie diet.

You could choose to take it post-workout too. This is the time when your body is craving the calories and nutrients, and you can provide them all in one.

Others prefer to take their servings before going to bed. It provides their bodies with all the nutrients it needs while sleeping. Since this is when your body is truly growing, it makes sense to keep it fuelled up.

Is It A Good Weight Gainer?

Considering the sheer amount of calories, carbs, protein, and vitamins/minerals it contains, I feel very confident in recommending this mass gainer. It’s awesome for building quality muscle weight.

Which Flavor is the Best?

The majority of  people are loving the chocolate peanut butter flavor the most.

How Much Weight Can I Gain a Month?

This largely comes down to the other factors involved with your weight gain routine.

  • How often are you training?
  • How much solid food are you eating?

If you’re eating close to a caloric surplus, and ON SM puts you 200-300 calories above, you’ll be gaining weight at a steadier rate.

However, if you were to eat at maintenance calories, or a little more, and take protein shake on top of it, your weight gain results would come faster.

So, the amount of weight you can gain will vary for each person.

How Many Scoops  Should I Take?

Since the caloric content of this mass gainer is so high per scoop, I’d recommend taking no more than four scoops a day. That’s equal to two servings and over 3000 calories with milk!

You should be using it as a supplement to your diet and training. If you’re not already eating a lot of food and training, don’t expect this supplement to magically make you gain weight. It can be an effective tool that makes consuming and excess of calories to gain weight easier.

How Many Servings Are In SM?

Going by the rule that one serving is two heaped scoops, you get eight servings per 6lb container.

However, they also have a 12lb container available too. In which case, you could get 16 servings.

How Many Calories Are In SM?

With a typical serving size of two heaped scoops and water, you get an incredible 1250 calories. But if you combined those two heaped scoops with milk, you could be putting yourself over 1600 calories up with one serving.

How Many Calories Are In One Scoop?

A single scoop of this gainer contains 625 calories. This one scoop alone is more than what other mass gainers have to offer in two scoops.

While the calories in one scoop are impressive, using two and counting it as a single serving will boost your caloric content further.

Best Time To Take It

This largely comes down to personal preference. As long as you get all your calories in for the day, the timing doesn’t play too big of a role.

Having said that, to experience the best weight gain results, I recommend using Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass post-workout. This lets you give your body a hit of quality nutrients and calories that it can begin using quickly to grow new muscle and aid you in gaining weight.

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