What Is The Best Drink To Gain Weight?

When you’re trying to gain weight, you normally want to have a higher than average caloric intake. Picking a drink that’s packed with healthy calories and other nutrition can be a good way to meet or exceed your daily goals! Below are listed some of the best drinks to use to your advantage when it comes to getting big, fast!

Do note that any of these recommended drinks are not meal replacements, as you’re missing out on a ton of nutrition from a standard balanced meal. Use drinks and shakes as a supplement, not a replacement for your existing diet.

Drinks To Gain Weight

  • Mass Gainers

Unsurprisingly, mass gainers do what they say they’re called! Help you pack on the pounds quickly! A high quality mass gainer can easily net you over 750 calories per serving, while also providing a strong amount of proteins, BCAAs, and other useful supplements. Perfect supplement if you want to gain weight fast.

There’s a big variety in the available mass gainers, so pick one that best suits your situation!  There are some which are high in carbohydrates but low in protein, some which don’t contain any calories at all, and some which are packed to the brim with protein!

  • Protein Shakes

Like mass gainers, protein shakes work really well for gaining strong, concentrated muscle mass. To really get the most out of what you have, use milk instead of water, add some blended nuts, a banana, coconut oil and either some yogurt or ice cream! You can easily get over a thousand calories in a single drink while tasting absolutely delicious!

I personally opt for a whey isolate protein, as I try and keep my body fat % as low as possible. Choose a high quality protein shakes for weight gain, as many low end powders contain useless fillers and are oftentimes don’t mix as well even, which can be quite irritating!

  • Other Supplements

Though void of any calories, many other supplements exist that help in gaining weight, mostly concentrated muscle mass. To really get the most out of your workouts, supplementing with creatine, BCAAs, Glutamine and Beta alanine can net you some impressive results. You’ll develop much stronger muscles too at a faster rate using these supplements, and notice your performance in the gym goes up accordingly!

Do remember to cycle your supplements accordingly, depending on which one you’re taking. Overuse of any particular supplement can have negative effects on your body. Too much of anything is not good!

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