What Pills Should I Take To Gain Weight?

Sadly, there’s not just one pill you can take to gain a quick 10 pounds. Still there are some which will certainly help you achieve that goal – and that’s what I’ll tell you about today! You’ll certainly get noticeable results and it’s definitely worth it, though it’s important to keep in mind they should be looked at as supplements. They should be used to supplement an existing diet and routine, in order to help you get a little boost, not replace any key components. So, what pills should I take to gain weight?

Keep in mind, traditional protein shakes and mass gainers are more effective than any pills, and so if you’re not including one of those in your diet, then it’s probably in your best interests to do so. It’s important to note too that if you’re not currently exercising/weightlifting, your results won’t be quite as effective either. So, if you want to gain weight fast check this Best Mass Gainers guide too.

We’ll divide this list into two categories, supplements and apetite stimulants. We’ll start off with the former!

Pills To Gain Weight

  • Workout Supplements

Though it’s not hidden knowledge anymore, many people seem to ignore the significant impact that various workout supplements have on muscular growth. Below are the three most common and beneficial workout supplements on the market right now that can be found in practically any specialist store.

  • Creatine

A staple in every bodybuilder and athletes supplements stack, creatine can also be found in a simple pill form. For those who dislike the gritty texture from creatine when it barely dissolves in their drink, a pill form is perfect! It makes dosing and getting your daily dose of creatine just a little easier than a powder.

Creatine aids in modulating adenosine triphosphate levels – or ATP for short. ATP is the primary energy source for your muscles, and creatine helps with producing more of it! This leads to more available energy for your muscles and thus a more effective workout. More intense workout = more growth.

Creatine also directly affects your bodies’ water retention. During your first week of use, it’s not uncommon to see between 1-3 pounds of mass being added. The majority of that will be in water weight, though that water weight will also be in your muscles. Be careful to not overdo creatine usage though, as there are some negative ramifications from prolonged overexposure. Kidney stones being one of which.

  • BCAA’s & Glutamine

Both branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine can be found in pill form. Both of these are the building blocks of protein, and thus help you gain muscle mass quicker. There’s no concrete figure you can expect to gain in a certain time frame, but one thing is certain: these two are two hugely beneficial supplements! Not really effective if you aren’t workout out, so it’s only recommended if you currently exercise quite a bit.

  • Appetite Stimulants

To no surprise, appetite stimulants do what they suggest – make you want to eat a lot more! So you can gain weight faster. This is extra handy for those who need to eat a lot, but struggle in doing so. Sometimes, no matter how you try, you just don’t feel the urge to eat any more.

One of the key chemicals in your body that tells you when to eat is called Ghrelin, the hunger hormone. What you’re looking for is some supplements or pills that stimulates the production of ghrelin. In this study, Zinc Oxide is suggested to stimulate ghrelin secretion, leading to an increase appetite.

There are a ton of appetite stimulant pills on the market which helps with making you hungrier. If you live in a place where it’s legal, cannabinoids like THC and CBD are particularly effective at doing so as well.

If you have a medical disorder that leaves you with a weak appetite, it may be a good idea to consult your doctor as there are a few strong prescriptions that help in boosting your appetite. This is often a route for extreme cases however and it’s unlikely you’ll need such an intense medication for your case.

In the end, an effective multivitamin that covers all your bases, appetite stimulants and workout supplements can help you drastically in the goal to gaining weight. While none of these will directly give you mass, it makes your body more effective at building it, which is likely the result you’re looking for in the end!

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