Goplus Ultra-Thin Electric Folding Treadmill Review

Are you looking to buy a compact, foldable, cheap, high-performing, and space-saving treadmill to boost your aerobic capacity and burn calories? The Goplus Ultra-Thin treadmill is one of the best treadmills you can get with those features. The machine is a sleekly designed product of the California based company- the Goplus Corp. The manufacturer produces a vast number of products ranging from furniture, interior décor tools, garden items, etc. under the name Costway. Yet, all its products are known for its sturdy construct, high-quality parts, and affordable price.

What’s the price?

Anyway, this treadmill is particularly ideal for walking, jogging, personal training, and other light workout programs. Its build features the improved, non-slip absorption system and 12 preset workout programs in the Under Desk treadmill. It also comes with an easily operated LCD screen, and a quiet motor. Thus suitable for cardio training, weight loss, muscle toning, etc. at home or in the office.

Some Unique Features Of The Ultra-Thin

  • Frame and Deck: The running area of the device measures 41 inches by 15.5 inches (L x B). Unlike the typical PVC belt, the Goplus Ultra-Thin uses a rubber, non-slip, shock-absorbing belt. The belt features a multi-layered flooring to reduce the vibration sent to the knee while using the machine alongside mitigating the noise produced.

Meanwhile, because of the dimension of the belt, we recommend this equipment for users below 6ft 2inches in height. However, if you are taller and still want the device, its slow speed allows you to manage it because you may not make full strides while walking or jogging.

The high-quality iron tubes used on the machine’s frame accounts for its good stability. Even more, the item weight is 61pounds. Thus, increasing the stability.

  • Motor: Generally, treadmillmotors account for two things. First, they determine its operational noise- i.e., the higher its rating, the louder its noise. Although manufacturers employ external means to reduce the noise of high-power devices. Secondly, the exercise type (running or walking) is determinant on its motor rating as well as its speed and torque.

This treadmill comes with a 450W DC rated motor. For the treadmill’s speed (0.5 – 5MpH), it is efficient and high performing for different fitness demands under walking or jogging. It also produces lesser noise than most treadmill in its category. Still, it is not ideal for commercial use as consistent, long-hours, daily use might be too stressful for its motor.

  • Accessories: Research shows that entertainment can significantly improve your workout. So, the designers of this product equipped it with a Tablet PC/Phone holder for users to watch videos, video call, or utilize any other means of entertainment.

Other Features

  • Console: Ultra-Thin treadmill comes with a clear, touchable LCD screen that enables users to monitor exercise data. Specifically, the screen displays the distance covered, calories burnt, options to increase or decrease speed by 0.5MpH, and time. The console also permits users to set a distance or calories countdown as a workout goal. Finally, like every other Goplus treadmill, this one comes with 12 preset workout programs.
  • Safety option: Running on a treadmill, as helpful as it is, can be dangerous. Slippage and disbalance are the two risks of running on any treadmill. The product’s non-slip deck ultimately curbs slippage on its surface. More so, the product comes with a safety key whose function is to reduce the effect and severity of injury when users lose The safety key is attached to the user, and upon pull (when user disbalances), the treadmill belt automatically halts.
  • Folding capacity: This equipment has an overall dimension of 52 x 26 x 47.5 inches (L x B x H). But after folding, it measures 53.5 x 26 x 5 inches(L x B x H). This ultra-thin dimension makes it suitable for storage under a sofa, bed, or any small standing space. The design, precisely, the built-in knob, accounts for its ease of folding. Even more, the machine comes already assembled and does not need any setup. It is also worth mentioning there are two transportation wheels on the frame of the device to make it further easy to move.

Product Warranty

Goplus Corp. offers one of the shortest warranty in the market. Precisely, the warranty only spans for 3months. Yet, within its warranty period, the company will fix any issue related to poor design on the product.


  • Assembly-free design
  • Quiet in operation
  • Excellent anti-slip and shock absorbing belt
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy-to-store design
  • Built-in transportation wheels
  • Non-slip tablet holder


  • No incline
  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • No heart rate monitor
  • Short warranty period


Goplus Ultra-Thin running machine is an excellent light-workout treadmill for nonprofessionals who want to burn calories. Its low price, compact design, quality construct alongside the 12 preset workout programs make it stand out. Although it has a short warranty period, the machine is long-lasting and highly performing. Yet, it is only ideal for home or office use.

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  • Shock-absorbing
  • Tablet PC/Phone Holder
  • Non-slip Running Belt
  • Running Quietly
  • Easy-to-operate Display

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