Goplus Under Desk Electric Walking Treadmill Review

Brands have specific qualities they are known for in the market. As such, one can infer that particular products have certain qualities, even without checking the details. Well, we will not do that in this review. Goplus is a renowned brand that produces high-quality, sturdy constructed, and thoughtful, advanced designed products. Yet, its overall peculiarity is that it provides all of those qualities at an affordable price. Goplus Under Desk Walking treadmill also exhibits all of the qualities this manufacturer offers. The brilliantly constructed treadmill is ideal for individuals who intend to burn fat, improve cardiovascular fitness, and stay healthy. More so, it is an excellent slow-walking equipment.

What’s the price?

This product is not so different from the Goplus 2 in 1 folding treadmill. Only that the company made further advancement to make this treadmill more efficient, space-saving, reduced weight, and with an improved absorption system. Additionally, its 15m effective remote control, relatively powerful motor along with the versatile workout programs are outstanding.

Some Unique Features

  • Frame and deck: the treadmill comes with a41 inches long and 17 inches wide running belt. This belt provides a comfy sports experience for slow-walking exercises. Although relatively small, especially for taller persons, the deck is still excellent for workouts. That is because its design is for slow speed (between 0.5 to 4MPH), and the runner may not make a full stride.

The deck also features a superb shock absorption system that effectively mitigates the vibrations and noise when exercising. The frame of this product is also exceptional. Precisely, it comes in a slim body design (51.5 x 23.5 x 6 inches: L x B x H) for easy storage in almost any desired location. Yet, with this compact construct, the device can still withstand up to 220 pounds of shock. Also, there are eight rubber foot mats on its frame to reduce noise and vibration. Finally, the product weight a light 55.5 pounds, but its build is sturdy and highly durable.

  • Motor: 1Hp is the motor rating on this treadmill. This power may seem small, but it is not. While running treadmills operate at a higher torque and faster speed, thus increased power, walking treadmills do not. So, a high motor rating is not important. Precisely, walking treadmills require fairly high torque at a low speed. As such, a good, low-power motor can be just fine. Even more, this treadmill does not deliver its highest torque at its slowest speed. Therefore, you should not worry about its small rating. It is very efficient and high performing.

The motor has a maximum speed of 4MPH, and its pace adjusts by o.5MPH from the remote control.

  • Console: The machine comes with a Touchable LED Display that displays time, speed, calories burnt and distance covered. These displayed digits are easy to read, and its readability is excellent. Lastly, its remote control is easy to operate.

Other Features

  • Safety options: The device has a highly responsive emergency brake button that guarantees user safety. Even more, because the machine is suitable for office use, its rubber feet columns helps reduce the noise and vibrations on the floor. Thus, ensuring that the workout floor does not dent.
  • Top-quality parts: Low price is sometimes synonymous with poor quality. Yet, it does not apply to this product. The machine comes with a heavy-duty steel construct, PVC non-slip belts, and an ABS control panel. All of these high-quality parts make the machine long-lasting and highly functional.
  • Superb 12 preset workout programs (P01 – P12)
  • Two operational modes- Manual and Auto Mode

Product Warranty

Goplus Under Desk Electric treadmill comes with three months warranty from the date of purchase. Although the warranty is short, the producer promises to be responsible for all costs related to the item quality issues within the warranty period.


  • It is suitable for office crowds and anyone who needs to exercise
  • It has a compact design that makes it easily stored
  • Rubber foot mat to reduce noise and protect the floor.
  • Heavy-duty and highly durable construct
  • It comes with flexible rollers for easy movement
  • Lightweight
  • It is affordable


  • Short warranty period
  • The machine does not come with any manual buttons

Conclusion And Buying Option

Goplus Under Desk treadmill is an excellent, economical choice for people who are on a budget. More so, the machine is highly efficient for light exercise and maintaining body shape. The device’s stand out feature among competitors is its slimmer, lighter, more streamlined design and flexible wheels. Hence, easy to move and store. Its high-quality build and advanced design are also worth mentioning. Yet, it has a short warranty period and does not have manual buttons.

All in all, we recommend this machine for non-professionals who intend to keep a healthy lifestyle with light workout programs.

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  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Compact Size
  • Widened Running Platform
  • Lightweight Design
  • Touchable Multi-function Display

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