OppsDecor Under Desk 2 in 1 Treadmill Review

Nowadays, most people spend their day seated in an office which with time gets unhealthy. Obesity and cardiovascular diseases are one of the most likely to affect the majority of office people. Besides, the busy lifestyle ensures that you cannot visit the gym frequently. However, OppsDecor under desk treadmill will help you balance your work life and fitness at the comfort of your desk.

What’s the price?

This under-desk treadmill by OppsDecor helps you to optimize your health while being more productive. It’s a double win for office people. Even so, non-working people can also make use of this treadmill back at home or their business premises.


  • Silent operation
  • Powerful
  • Economical
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not ideal for individuals taller than 6 ft.
  • When folded, sets speed automatically to 4

Features of the Under Desk Treadmill

  • Multi-usage

This OppsDecor treadmill can be used for either walking or running depending on the situation and place, thanks to the 40”x16” running pad. For instance, when folded, it’s an under-desk treadmill, and you can walk lightly with a maximum speed of 4km/h. Alternatively, you can raise the handrail, most preferably at home or after work, and run with a top speed of 12km/h. The varying speeds ensure the gadget satisfies the needs of most people.

  • Powerful and silent

A high-quality 2.25HP motor powers the under desk running machine. Also, it is quiet and thus allows you to work out without disturbing others. In most cases, it’s used at home or in the workplace. The silent operation ensures you do not disturb your family or workmates.

Furthermore, there is a LED display that displays the time, calories burned, distance and speed. These indicators help you to know the intensity of your workout. You also know when to continue and when to stop. A remote control ensures your interaction with the treadmill is more than perfect. You tweak the settings, switch between various modes without stopping, or switch it on/off, thanks to the magical remote control.

This machine helps increase your productivity by burning more calories and toning your muscles. The fact that you can cover thousands of miles while sited behind your desk can improve your health significantly. A safety key is also available, for immediate shut-down in the case of an emergency such as falling or sliding backwards.

  • Shock-absorption belt

This machine’s belt is anti-slip and anti-static with a lawn texture which guarantees a good grip while in operation. Also, the belt is multi-layered to ensure it absorbs shock perfectly and lasts long despite the vigorous exercises. The multi-layer belt acts as a cushion to prevent injury to the knee joints, ankles, and backs, thus providing an ultimate running experience.

  • Sturdy

The frame of this OppsDecor treadmill is fabricated with high-quality steel. This design ensures the machine is stable and durable. You do not have to worry even a single bit when on top of this machine. For this reason, most people can exercise with this treadmill because it has a capacity of 100kgs, and most people fall into this category.

  • Portability

This OppsDecor under desk treadmill can carry a weight of up to 220 pounds, weighing just 75 pounds. It measures only 49″x27″x42″ when upright and 52″x27″x5″ when folded. The fact that when folded it measures only 5″ tall means that storing it is easy plus does not take much space. Therefore, you can store it almost anywhere, be it your bedroom, living room, study room or anywhere in a corner, it’ll fit perfectly.

Furthermore, the treadmill has wheels that make moving it around easy. The locomotion wheels ensure that the machine can be moved around by any person. You do not need to have muscles to move it around.

  • Bluetooth speaker and phone holder

Nothing sounds cool more than music while exercising. You can connect the treadmill with the phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth device and listen to music while working out. Music keeps you lively, and motivated, and thus you optimize your workouts. However, it’s noteworthy that you cannot play music via the speakers while in the office.

The gadget also has a phone bracket that can hold your phone or tablet while running, especially with the treadmill upright. You can watch videos, tutorials, or do some video calls while still exercising at your home.

  • Excellent service

The OppsDecor team has a fantastic service that you will like. First of all, the shipping is fast, and the packaging is incredible. In the case of clarifications or problems with your treadmill, you will receive help from friendly customer support.


While it cannot replace a professional gym equipment, the OppsDecor Under Desk treadmill can keep you fit and healthy without visiting the gym. You get an ideal workout in the comfort of your office seat. You get to reduce your weight, and back/joint pains, tone muscles, and increase energy levels. To sum it up, it is advisable that while at work, you keep the workout low to ensure you remain extraordinarily productive and also avoid getting sweaty, which might reduce your efficiency.

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  • Walking & Running
  • Shock Absorption Running Belt
  • Quiet & Power
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Remote Control

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