Rhythm Fun Folding Treadmill Review

If you are looking to buy a low-key luxury treadmill with advanced features and high-quality build, the Rhythm Fun folding treadmill is your best option. Likewise, if you want a design that differs from the conventional treadmills you find in the gym or homes, this luxury looking machine will suit perfectly.

The treadmill is a leading product of the Rhythm Fitness & Sports Co. This India based manufacturer has over a decade of expertise in manufacturing and distributing fitness equipment with high-end quality. However, it is particularly renowned for tagging a small price to its luxury products.

What’s the price?

Specifically, this device comes with a unique, professional shock absorber system that features a 7-layered deck, and a dynamic suspension system. More so, it has a strong 2.0Hp DC motor that powers both sports mode (walking and running), Bluetooth connectivity, sound system, and a workout app function.

Some Unique Features Of This Rhythm Fun Product

  • Frame and Deck: The Rhythm Fun treadmill has a running deck dimension of 45 inches long and 18 inches wide. It can carry users up to 220 pounds in weight but no further. Still, the belt features a unique, advanced, and multiple shock and noise absorption system that most treadmills in its price range does not provide.

Precisely, it has two dynamic suspension systems – the honeycombed and arched AIR shock absorption and noise reduction design. These suspension systems allow the machine to touch the ground completely in a soft manner, reducing the noise produced while running.

Also, the running deck comes with a 7-level elastic belt design. That is in sharp contrast to the 5-layered design in most high-end competitors. As such, it entirely removes the possibility of straining the knees while running.

The device weighs 97pounds. This heavy weight, alongside its dual suspension system, makes it very stable.

  • Motor: This folding treadmill comes with a strong 2.0Hp DC motor. Although strong and powerful, the machine is also quiet in operation and low in energy consumption. It can also withstand sudden speed change and frequent, irregular use without failing.

There are two sport modes available on this equipment. The walking mode allows the machine to run at speeds between 1 to 6Km/h. Whereas, users can exercise from 6 to 12km/h on its running mode.

  • Console: The console on this machine features a simple, small, circular LED screen that shows the speed level. It also has a Home button control that allows users to control the belt speed.

Further, the console comes with a Bluetooth function that enables users to connect Bluetooth enabled devices to the machine. Lastly, it comes with a Hi-Fi, super bass sound system for playing audios from the connected device.

  • Smart workout App: With this machine, users can customize their favourite sports program on the Rhythm Run Fitness App (for Android/iOS) and run them on the treadmill with the remote controller.
  • Folding capacity: this treadmill comes in a 2 in 1 design- under-desk treadmill or a simple home fitness running treadmill. Folding or unfolding the treadmill makes it suitable for one mode of operation. The machine folds by only bringing down the handrail, and it does not need any tool or skill to collapse.

Meanwhile, the machine has a standing dimension of 61 x 30 x 44 inches (L x W x H), and a folded size of  8 x 30 x 61 inches (L x W x H)

  • Safety tool: Like every other excellent treadmill, this device features two safety options. Correctly, it has a safety key attached to the user that will automatically shutdown the running belt if the key stretches. There is also an emergency stop button on the console that will halt the machine in no timewhentouched.
  • Accessories: Because of its design, the folding treadmill only accommodates a phone on its detachable holder. It does not have a bottle holder nor a book holder.

Product Warranty

Rhythm Fun treadmill offers an excellent warranty on its frame, parts, and motor.

Frame-                        10 years

Motor-                        2 years

Parts-                          1 year


  • It does not need assembly
  • Exquisite luxurious design
  • Excellent and unique shock absorption system
  • High-quality construct
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Hi-Fi, super bass speakers
  • Easy to fold and move around
  • Quiet in operation
  • Excellent warranty
  • Little maintenance required


  • The device does not come with an incline system.
  • No heart rate monitoring system
  • No preset workout programs

Recommendation And Buying Option

The folding treadmill by Rhythm Fun is an excellent, luxury device that suits perfectly at home or in a work environment. It features a 7-layer absorption system and a high-power motor. The machine is particularly ideal for improving aerobic capacity, burning calories, and maintaining a healthy life.

This device does not come with preset workout programs, incline system, or heart rate monitor. Yet, it allows users to set their workout programs via its fitness app. More so, under-desk treadmills typically do not come with an incline system. So, its failure to do so is excusable.

All in all, the treadmill is a premium pick, and it gets our full recommendation.

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  • Easy to storage
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Phone holder
  • Remote controller
  • No assembly required

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