BARWING 4D Vibration Platform Review. A Trainer with Remote Control

A good vibration plate is one that serves you according to your fitness needs and preferences. Everyone has their favorite when it comes to choosing the best vibration machine. However, there are a few top-rated units that have been proven to satisfy thousands of users out there. One of them is the Barwing 4D vibration plate. Here is the review to give you a virtual experience of the vibration platform.

What’s the price?

About The 4D

This plate has been made with advanced technology to enhance your workout experience while assuring you of satisfying results. You get multiple programs on this unit to help you customize your workout session accordingly. It is also built to last and can support even overweight users without a problem. Even though the price isn’t as low as that, we thought it is worth every penny.


  • Size and Weight

Vibrations plates are known for their compactness. So, the dimensions of one are important to consider when you want to buy. The Barwing 4D in at around 40lbs, and measures 30.7 by 15.1 by 6.1 inches. It is not too big, but slightly heavier than most units out there. The plate has been made for durability while supporting a heavy user. Specifically, it can support a user weight of up to 350lbs, which is around 159kgs.

  • Power/Motor

This vibration platform is one of the best when it comes to vibration delivery. The plate is loaded with three super-power motors that work individually or simultaneously. This also means that you can choose as you wish. The three motors assure you of super-strong vibrations to offer you an intense workout session.

  • Workout Programs and Speed

This is an advanced machine that is loaded with multiple workouts, presets, and speed levels. With this late, you get 16 programs that allow you to meet your requirements accordingly. Here, it allows different people to use the vibration plate since there are different programs onboard.

Furthermore, there are 99-speed levels that you can adjust as you wish. Level 1 is the slowest, while level 99 is the fastest. With speed, it increases the vibration rate based on the levels that you choose. The most experienced would select the highest speed level on the vibration plate.

The maximum workout minutes is 35. So, a complete workout on this master can only take 35 minutes. Best of all, you will be sure of enjoying an intense session in that period.

By the way, there are seven different vibration modes that are offered by the three motors on board. That is why the Barwing 4D is highly valued among other vibration plates.

  • LCD Display

Being an advanced vibration plate, you would expect this unit to have equally advanced features. For instance, there is an LCD display that is fully multifunctional. The screen on this plate will show you the speed and time that you set. This can be controlled on the screen, which is touch-sensitive.

But the best part is that the machine can be controlled with a remote for efficiency.

  • Stability and Movability

It is important to know about the stability of the vibration plate since it is the main thing that will let you enjoy your workout session to the fullest. Luckily, this one is very reliable, and you can be sure of it remaining stable. This monster comes with an ABS shell and 4 suction pads on the bottom to keep it stable enough, even at high vibrations.

Besides that, it features some transport wheels that allow you to move it easily across the floor. You don’t have to lift it up when moving it.

Besides that, there is a resistant band that allows you to work out your arms and upper body.


  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Comes with three motors and 7 vibration modes
  • 99-speed levels and 16 workout programs
  • LCD display with touch screen
  • Can be controlled with a remote
  • ABS shell and 4 suction pads for stability
  • Transport wheels onboard for easy movability
  • 159 weight limit


  • It is not so cheap


So, there goes our Barwing 4D review. Are you satisfied with the information? Will you be going for it? If you don’t mind spending a little bit more on a vibration plate that can offer you an intense workout session, this unit will suit you perfectly. Remember to use it accordingly and maintain a healthy diet as well.

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  • 99 SPEEDS

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  1. I purchased the BARWING 4D from Amazon. I’ve searched all over and there is no BARWING contact information for the company in case there are questions or problems with product. Could you kindly provide me with the company contact information?

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