LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Review – Whole Body Workout

LifePro Waver Power Plate is an ideal home workout tool because it helps you lose weight and gain muscle strength altogether. It has a good reputation among customers, which is evident by a 4.8/5 star review from the customers. It’s one robust machine and comes with remote control plus balancing straps for increased stability. The manufacturer guarantees you of its top quality and thus backs it with a lifetime warranty.

It’s designed to help users gain a lean body thanks to the unique construction, which improves your flexibility. The good thing is that the exerciser is ideal for all people, beginners, and middle and experts trainers too. It vibrates your whole body, which triggers the muscles to contract, and thus you tone up without a glitch.

What’s the price?


  • Built-in wheels
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Resistance bands
  • Excellent customer care & community support (via Facebook)


  • Somewhat noisy
  • Instruction manual not always clear

Features Of The Waver:

The LifePro Waver has some amazing features that ensure it delivers full-body wellness. Vibrating oscillation movements stimulate muscle fibers in the whole body. Using the tool is also pleasurable and relieves stress. It triggers your musculature, which translates to extra muscle. The device is not only crucial for sport exercising but also for the betterment of your health.

Full Body Workout

Through the vibration, the gadget ensures that your metabolic rate increases, aids in burning calories and fats, and increases blood circulation. Also, the machine has resistance bands which help in strengthening and building up of lower and upper body muscles. As a result of using the device to work out, you are assured of having an increase in bone density, reduced joint aches, and decreased cellulite. It employs a low-impact mode of operation, which is impressive because it ensures your muscles are toned without piling excessive pressure on your joints.

Distinctive Design

This gadget has a great deal of stability and durability. Despite weighing just 33.5 pounds, it can support a person of up to 265 pounds, which is nothing short of remarkable. Given that it only measures 27.3″ x 15.3″ x 5.9″, you never have to worry about storage space, it’ll occupy the least space in your room. Additionally, it has in-built transport wheels, which make maneuverability much more manageable. Hence, you have zero worries when re-arranging or cleaning your exercise room.

The machine has anti-slip rubber on the upper side while it features a stabilizing suction on the lower side. This combination provides a very safe workout.


The LifePro Waver has speed settings ranging from 1 to 99. The diversity in the speed settings allows you to make the most of your workouts, depending on your capacity. The 99 adjustable speeds settings give you excellent recovery, from mild to powerful exercises. This device makes it ideal for newbies, pros, and semi-pros.  Furthermore, the speed settings ensure the machine offers reliability across individuals of different gender and age.


It has a bright display that makes your interaction with the machine fun as well as the results of your activity are shown to you in the most efficient and fastest way. The enjoyment that comes with interacting with the full-body vibration machine is a remote control, no worries when working-out with it.

Video Tutorials And Guides

Once you purchase this machine, the manufacturer is dedicated to ensuring you make the most out of it. You get an exceptionally comprehensible manual plus access a ton of free online videos that provide professional guidance from competent coaches. These materials will go a long way in helping you work out, lose weight, and recover from any injuries in case of any.

Not all people can manage to pay a personal trainer. LifePro understands this and therefore provides you with guiding angels in the workout/recovery journey. You get real-time support and free access to hundreds of online video tutorials. Sincerely speaking, this kind of feature is rare to find among most manufacturers.


This budget-friendly LifePro Waver machine provides insane productivity when it comes to low-impact workouts, thanks to the 12Hz frequency. Besides, the numerous automatic programs offer a great deal of flexibility.

In as much as this gadget does not replace the traditional training program, it is an excellent addition because it’s one with the least complexity. It is easy to use, coupled with the valuable materials – it can incredibly transform your life. The fact that it’s recommended by chiropractors and the therapist tells more about its capability.

Jump-start your day with this machine, build your body, and improve your health!

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