TODO Vibration Platform Power Plate Review

Vibration machines are the latest gadgets to take the fitness world by a storm. Their simplistic design and straightforward way of doing things place them as one of the desired exercising machines. TODO Vibration platform is one of the fantastic devices out there in the market because it is both user-friendly and powerful at the same time.

What’s the price?


  • Has a manual & automatic mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 99 adjustable speeds


  • Minimal user instructions
  • Specs don’t match the price
  • Lacks dual-voltage

The Features Of The Vibration Platform

  • Wireless and Wired connectivity

This TODO vibration platform has both Bluetooth and USB connectivity. This fantastic allows you to chase away boredom when you are working out. You can choose to listen to music, podcast, personal trainer, or any audio file. The good thing is that the device syncs with all Bluetooth enabled gadgets.

  • An LCD and remote control

Furthermore, it has a bright screen that displays your performance to gauge yourself and allows for interaction with the machine. Remote control with an approximate range of one meter increases your convenience when interacting with this machine.

  • 99 adjustable speeds

Still, you get 99 flexible rates, which offers quite a vast range of training speeds. With the low vibration speeds, muscles relax while the more intense vibrations burn fat and tone your muscles.

Interestingly, while choosing between the speeds, you can want to go with the manual adjustments or the automatic mode. Again, these different speeds allow individuals of varying abilities to use the machine depending on their level of skills. For example, the experts will go for the intense workouts while a newbie will go for the mild speed.

  • Safety

On the bottom of this vibration platform, suction cups are fitted to cope up with the constant vibrations given that the device has a weight capacity of up to 330 lbs. A power output of 200 watts ensures the device is capable of handling individuals with a weight of 150 Kgs and below while consuming minimal energy. The manufacturer also provides two resistance Bands along the handles to increase your workouts.

  • Convenience

The TODO power plate is stable and easy to move. On the left side, there is a wheel that makes it easy to move it for most people. You also don’t have to worry about toppling when on top of it. Additionally, moving it around is as easy as climbing on top of it for a morning workout.

The TODO Crazy Fit Massage is easy to use and gives you a lot of fun when using it besides being beneficial to your overall health. The various adjustable speeds also make it ideal for most people irrespective of age and gender and thus can be used by the whole family.

  • Whole body exercise

You can use this device on a variety of exercises that have a positive impact on your health. For instance, you can sit, stand, or squat on it for whole-body activities. Alternatively, you can place your forearms or hands on the plate to do plank and pushups, respectively, or lie on the floor and bend your legs with the bottom side of the feet resting on the machine to tighten abdominal muscles. Lastly, you can do stretching exercises with the help of the resistance bands. While stretching this way, you get to exercise both your biceps and triceps.

This machine engages the whole of your body muscles, forcing them to contract and stabilize. It is a low-impact device, and your results are optimized as a result of comprehensive muscle engagements. Supplementing the exercises of this machine with a proper diet will deliver incredible results.


While the TODO Vibration platform is not a replacement for the conventional fitness machines, it is instead an excellent addition. Though it helps in toning muscles and burning fat, it’s capabilities to lose weight are yet to be proven. Also, it solves extra fitness issues such as back pains, increasing blood circulation, and relaxing the whole body.

Before you buy this machine, always have in mind that the Mayo Clinic recommends that as least 15 minutes of using this machine can be beneficial to your health. In conclusion, experts say that using a vibration machine can be most helpful when used as a preparation or cool down before and after normal cardio-workouts.

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  • Auto mode and manual mode
  • Multi-function LCD
  • Stable to use
  • Remote Control
  • Product Name:Crazy Fit Massage

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