Z ZELUS 3D Vibration Platform Machine Review

Body fitness is an imperative aspect of any individual who values his/her health. While it may be impossible to visit the gym every day, there’s an excellent alternative to working out at home. Z ZELUS 3D – a full body vibrating machine is one equipment that will provide you with a lot of benefits.

The 3D full-body vibrating machine provides you with an astonishing 3D fitness. This machine will help you increase your stamina, general fitness, bone density, and blood circulation. The device employs a principle of high-frequency vibrations, which results in a bounce reflex, which makes the muscles contract obligatorily.

What’s the price?


  • 3-vibration modes
  • An LED screen
  • Quiet operation
  • Dual motor assembly


  • No wheels
  • The power cord is very short
  • Doesn’t display the frequency at a given time

3D Plate Features

The Z ZELUS vibration machine has some innovative features as follows;

  • Quiet dual motors

This machine has dual 200w (which makes it 400w) motors, and thus it’s very reliable. Also, the device has three vibration modes, up-down, left-right, and horizontal, 3D oscillation movements. The multi-directional movements shake your body adequately for optimal results. Besides, the motor is ultra-quiet and thus can’t be a nuisance to your family members when in operation.

  • Adaptable and reliable

The machine has 120-adjustable vibration levels. This wide range allows for different vibration intensity. Besides, these levels ensure people of different ages, gender, and physicality use it based on their capability. You also get two resistance bands to allow you to work out both the arms and the upper body, thus contributing to the overall fitness of your body. The groups are removable and therefore, can be detached when not engaging your arms.

  • Ergonomics design

The gadget has an LED screen that displays the settings, time, and speed. You get to see the updates and information about your workout session. Operating the LED screen is hassle-free, and thus adjusting the intensity of your workout is straight-forward. Also, there is a remote control that makes your interaction with the machine via the LED screen easier. You use it to switch it on/off and regulate the speed and time effortlessly.

The device is very safe to use thanks to the non-skid feet plus the multiple-circuit protection system in place. The floor of this machine is covered with rubber straps to increase the stability of the user. Also, the feet are wrapped with rubber to ensure the device is stable when in action. The hidden handle is also friendly and makes it easy for you when moving it around.

  • Heavy duty & compact

The Z ZELUS vibration plate is incredibly safe and reliable due to the solid ABS construction. This feature ensures the gadget is shock-resistant as well as delivering corrosion-resistance performance. Weighing about 46.5 pounds, it has a weight capacity of up to 330 lb, which accommodates most people. The quiet, powerful dual motors enable the machine to hold a massive weight while delivering excellent results at the same time.

It also measures 31.7″x 15.7″x 5.5″ only, which combined with its considerable weight, and the hidden handle makes storing and moving it around very easy. Furthermore, it also has a voltage of 110V. Therefore, it does not consume much of your energy given that medical professionals recommend using the gadget for about 30 minutes per session.

  • Maintains your shape

This vibration machine ensures that you get a sexy body by burning more calories. This gadget helps in toning and building muscles, which aligns your body in perfect shape and health. You get to lose abdominal fat whereas gaining lean muscle mass. The manufacturer claims that 10 minutes on the vibration platform is equivalent to 30 – 60 minutes of normal exercises such as swimming, yoga, or jogging.


In conclusion, the Z ZELUS 3D vibration platform is generally impactful on your whole health when used in the right way. Through the vigorous vibrating exercises, you strengthen your bones and muscles, raises metabolism (caused by improved blood circulation), improves your immune system, and lastly, it strengthens joints. These make it ideal for individuals with diseases such as diabetes, lymphedema, and such. To get optimal benefits from this machine, combine the workouts with a healthy diet (e.g., low-calories) and supplementary exercises.

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