How Can I Gain Weight In A Week?

When it comes to gaining weight, having a plan of action will ensure the best outcomes. Simply going in with the approach of eating as much food as possible will cause you to gain weight, but it will be the unhealthy kind.

If you’re interested in how to gain weight in a week, there are some important things you should know beforehand.

Is It Possible to Gain Weight In a Week?

Putting on weight in one week is 100% possible.

However, the type of weight you gain will depend on the approach you take. Typically, gaining weight within a week is a very short period of time and it’s most likely going to be fat rather than muscle.

There are two main ways of gaining weight:

  • The unhealthy way by gaining fat
  • The healthier way by gaining muscle

Taking the unhealthy approach is a lot easer and faster. All you have to do is eat your favourite foods, right? However, this can easily lead to you becoming overweight and increasing your chances of health risks, so it’s best to avoid it!

Gaining weight in the form of muscle mass is tougher, as it means hitting the gym and sticking to a healthier diet. However, it usually takes at least 1-2 months to gain real muscle weight.

The only exception is newbies who can gain muscle within a couple weeks at the start.

How Can You Put On Weight In a Week?

Putting on weight in a week can be fairly easy. All you have to do is eat in a caloric surplus. This involves finding your maintenance calories and eating 500 calories or more above it. The more you eat, the more weight you’ll gain in a shorter time.

If you were to increase calories and stick to healthy, nutritious foods, while also lifting weights, you could put on muscle weight within a couple months.

However, regardless of the approach, people usually notice an increase in weight in the form of water weight. This tends to show up on the scales as a 2-5 lb rise in weight. As long as your calories are no more than 500 above maintenance, it’s safe to assume this is mostly water weight.

However, if you’ve been eating 1,000 calories above your maintenance, the weight gain is likely to be a mix of water and fat!

Final Thoughts

So, gaining weight in a week is definitely possible. However, the weight gained during this duration is most likely going to be water weight and fat. It encourages poor food choices and an unhealthy lifestyle too.

Putting on weight in quality, lean muscle is a process that takes more time. Have patience. This method of putting on weight is healthier and looks a lot better!

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